Why do I need monitoring of my vehicle?

Based on years of experience in criminal investigations and anti-theft operations we have designed a system to counteract thieves and the organized crime groups that are targeting your vehicle right now.

The days of juvenile offenders stealing your car for a joy ride are over. Today’s vehicle theft industry is organized and represents significant profits for the crime syndicates involved. As such these groups have adopted advanced techniques using the technology in your vehicle to steal and take control of your automobile.

Based on our significant experience and in discussions with auto theft task force members the typical theft scenario, as seen on several news broadcasts, is as follows:

  • In the middle of the night a thief gains access to your vehicle by hijacking the signal from your FOB or popping the door.
  • The thief plugs into your vehicle and takes over your vehicle with a smart key.
  • Your car is gone in seconds.
  • The suspects lay your car down nearby and wait to see if someone is tracking the car.
  • If no one shows up they take the car and place it in a container and ship it overseas to the markets for stolen vehicles within hours of the theft.
  • You are sleeping and even if you have a GPS tracker are completely unaware that your vehicle is gone.
  • You wake up in the morning and the car is gone. If you have a tracker a check of it reveals that the vehicle is in a container already and enroute overseas.


The VOW Approach

  • We are always protecting your security and safety.
  • As soon as your car is disturbed, we are notified.
  • We confirm the theft and begin recovery as soon as possible via police or recovery agents.
  • You get your car back.

Your Vehicle is your second largest investment besides your home.

YES! We offer video monitoring services

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